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Cavalla Historical Foundation

The Cavalla Historical Foundation (CHF) Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated military veterans, historians, authors, civic leaders, and business entrepreneurs. The CHF Board are all volunteers, so all donations go to restoration, preservation, education and the operation of our historic monuments. Below are current Board of Directors and advisors. If you would like to contact the Board, please call 409.770.3196 or use the Contact Tab on our homepage. 

CHF Board of Directors as of 18 Jan 2018
Officers: Bell Gary CAPT, USN (ret.) - Chairman, Lethcoe Bryan CDR, USN (ret.) - President/CEO
Wells William - Vice President , Prof. Sallee Alvin – Secretary, Steddum Clyde - Treasurer
Directors: Homrighaus, Jr. Henry, Judson David LtCOL, USAF (ret.), Kubenka Joe, LaFrey Raymond
Levine Michael CAPT, USN (ret.), Priest Spencer, Schmid Urs, Seiser Keith STSC(SS), USN (ret.)
Vega Arthur
CHF Advisory Board Members: Butler John RADM, USN (ret.), Dr. Crooks Kerry, PHD, DeMars Bruce ADM, USN (ret.)
Miller Gray, Judge
CHF Emeritus Directors: Bollmann Karl, Christy Mac ENC, USN (ret.), Connor Ernest CWO3(SS), USN (ret.), Hoffman R. F.
Morris Jeff, Harrison Grady, Pickavance William RADM, USN (ret.), Raynor Gil MM2(SS), USN (ret.), Zellmer Zeke CAPT, USN (ret.) Thompson Robert LCDR, USNR (ret.), Tunnell Leonard RM1(SS), Wakefield Robert CAPT, USN (ret.),
CHF Director in Memoriam: Alford Zeb CAPT, USN (ret.) CHF Co-Founder; Alford Joan (Spouse) CHF Ambassador

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Undersea Warfare Museum, USS Cavalla, USS Stewart, Galveston, TX

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