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The Cavalla Historical Foundation, or CHF, is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which operates the American Undersea Warfare Center at Seawolf Park, TX. The park is a nationally registered historical site and naval museum which is the home of the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart; two WWII fighting vessels. Our purpose is 3-fold. First, to PRESERVE and present the historic nature of these ships for well over 45,000 visitors each year, bringing a realism to history books. Second, we provide a venue for so many of our Veterans, our elderly, and their families to REMEMBER a time when our Greatest Generation sacrificed so much for our enduring freedom. Third, we EDUCATE our visitors, especially our millennials and our children about their heritage, our American history, and the courageous acts our Service men and women performed under great duress. We do this through daily visits/tours, and through community events such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies, Spring and Summer Camps, Scout Sleepovers, and special tours on special occasions. The CHF Board are all volunteers, so all donations go to restoration, preservation, education and the operation of these historic monuments.

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Undersea Warfare Museum, USS Cavalla, USS Stewart, Galveston, TX

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